Originally Alice was told about a local lady looking after her son and a few of his disabled friends every day. When the lady started to get older, she couldn’t look after her son’s friends anymore and one day someone informed Alice of her circumstances. Alice decided to look after the disabled guys once a week and now the group has grown to thirty young adults.

Every Friday Butterfly runs a weekly group which provides activities, education and social opportunities for young people under the age of 30, with learning difficulties and physical impairments. Butterfly aims to provide community awareness and education, to empower young people with disabilities to become as independent as possible and to gain opportunities to participate meaningfully in their communities and family homes. This includes independent living skills, training and confidence building so young people can participate more fully in family life or providing education as disabled children’s educational needs are often left unmet by mainstream school. Some more able members are employed to do small tasks around the lodge at Butterfly. The on-going Outreach Project linked to this, visiting and assessing needs in their home environment, is an on-going job for those that have qualifications in this area.


  • ASSISTING IN CLASS – We are always looking for help in class with new and innovative ideas. The group can really benefit from volunteers who are enthusiastic and have experience with these kinds of children. Although this is not essential, we value volunteers whom are ready to get involved or can make a lesson plan after watching one session.
  • SOCIAL WORKERS – If you have a background in this profession we would like you to visit homes and teach social skills to help families living with them.
  • OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS – This would be extremely helpful to teach family massage and physiotherapy as well as diagnose and assess life in class and at home.
  • TEACHERSIf you can help with the lessons and even do some one on one teaching with the some of the group more than once a week.  
  • SOCIAL NETWORKING – Visit students and families at home, social opportunities, social networks, linking members, advocacy service.
  • CAREER ADVICE –Think of possible employment opportunities that will help benefit well into the future.
  • CARERS – If you have a background in caring, we would appreciate one-on-one carers.


If you are interested in volunteering, please see our Volunteer Package page. If you would like to contribute to this project but you are unable to make it over to Malawi, please see our Make A Donation page.

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