Sinced it opened in April 2012, this creative dynamic space holds two rooms full of lots of useful information that can benefit the community through media including a recording room and a larger room stocked with a projector, radio and computers.

The recording room is full of the latest equipment for the community to record original music along with being able to practise mixing music as well. It is widely know that some of our past volunteers taught the first ever Malawian to mix music right here at Butterfly! It is always truly inspiring to hear new sounds emerging from the recording room as it is often full with many musicians coming in and out after a good day of recording their talents. We have also previously taught some local children to becoming a DJ by using software on the computers which we would like to continue into the future.  There is the perfect opportunity in Nkhata Bay in this area as if people are good enough then they can learn from and hope to record with Mattias Stalnake of ‘Spare Dog Records’ who has now produced albums for several artists from Nkhata Bay and got them performing at the Lake of Stars

The computers in the bigger room have been set up as work stations where people can learn music, film and photography editing. We have basic equipment for people to use and worksheets for people to work from, although hands on teaching from volunteers and people who are experienced would make it the best from what we have to offer. We have lots of tools for the community to use such as a video camera and a voice recorder which are perfect for anyone interested in making films or wanting to get into journalism. We offer photoshop classes, and can set up courses in photography to show the community how to use a camera.  A recent volunteer Mike???  from A Million Smiles project http://www.amillionsmilesmovie.com/  worked with some kids and is encouraging them now to use his project as a platform for their photography.

There is also a projector positioned opposite a perfect wall to show weekly educational films and inspiring TED talks. Recently we had a volunteer from UK who bought over a lot of travel documentaries including the box set from the famous English explorer Bruce Parry, and one about Mount Everest. Always keeping the community on their toes, we always have a big turn-out for these classes as they are eager to learn about different places around the world. This projector comes in very handy and is also a great tool to use for homework clubs.


  •  TEACHING – Provide lessons on editing; music, photos and video to the community here in Nkhata Bay.
  • AFTER SCHOOL CLUB – Set up homework clubs using the computers and projectors and teaching tools.
  • MUSIC – Teach people how to become a DJ, using software on the computer.
  • WORKSHOPS – Show thought provoking films and podcasts and get discussion groups going.
  • WEB-SITE – Set up a web-site called ‘tales from Malawi’ and encourage cultural recordings with different members of the community as a way of recording local stories and traditions. There is a small camera, voice recorder and other means in which local community member’s stories and knowledge could be recorded, and this idea could be more widely encouraged.
  • BLOGGING – Work with budding journalists to set up there own blog or with the women’s group to set up their own Etsy site to use the internet to share their skills.


If you are interested in volunteering, please see our Volunteer Package page. If you would like to contribute to this project but you are unable to make it over to Malawi, please see our Make A Donation page.

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