Teaching children is one of the most popular ways of contributing to the community here in Malawi. The idea of teaching is very rewarding, and to think you are making a difference to a child’s future is incredibly inviting. Alice and Josie have always had a passion for teaching children, whether it is in the classroom or out in the gardens, they were originally volunteering in teaching before they bought Butterfly in 2007.

We have built two nursery schools around the area of Nkhata Bay which include Gulugufe and Dindano Dinos and all children in both schools learn daily from 8am – 12pm. There is a very small fee for the children to pay to come to school which pays for their nutritious bowl of porridge they receive at the start of every day and the teachers costs. Although the schools differ in class size, they all provide a much needed pre-school education for the children. The age range is between two to six year olds and in true Malawian style, the children have the biggest hearts that they bring to school with them every day!

The nursery schools vary in distance from Butterfly but will all give the volunteer an understanding of valuable teaching in Malawi. Gulugafe is just around the corner from Butterfly in the nearby village of Chikale whilst the one and a half hour walk to Dindano Dinos might mean that people would want to stay over in the village some nights which can be arranged. We have built a home in Dindano for volunteers to stay and we recently had a couple staying there for three months which they loved. They had to really immerse themselves in living in a traditional Malawian village for their time there and even draw water out of the well with a bucket to use on a daily basis. This would mean a completely different life style for those wanting to experience the Malawian culture by immersing themselves into it and would be a very different but valuable time to enjoy. Obviously if you wanted to live there during the week then coming over to Butterfly on weekends would be offered to the volunteer.


  • TEACHING – We always value volunteers teaching alongside our established teachers. This is a great way to pass on new ideas and different teaching techniques. The children would benefit from having more supervision and the teachers would benefit from new ideas and motivation. Having a strong level of English would also advance the children’s language skills.
  • BRINGING RESOURCES WITH YOUWe really appreciate anyone coming over from your home countries to bring any resources with you. Whether you have some lesson plans or new games to bring over, the children would benefit greatly with new ideas which will carry on well into the future. Please see our Wish List for new ideas.
  • PAINTING – Whether you are creative or a builder at heart, painting the walls around the schools always keeps them looking fresh and inviting for the children to learn in. There are also many other community mural projects going on which would benefit creative individuals to help out with.
  • COOKINGIf you are a chef by profession or have a passion for cooking, we are always looking for volunteers to cook nutritious meals for the children. If you also have some great recipes to offer, please feel free to make them known to us.
  • BUILDING MAINTENANCEWe could really do with someone to help with this at the moment as we are looking into building new toilets for the schools and there are always a few bits and bobs that need touching up.
  • SPORTS & ACTIVITIESIt would be great if you have any ideas to pass on to the teachers to organise a structured playtime for the children. Learning P.E. will help the children further in team building and playing together.
  • MANAGEMENTWe could always do with a hand in managing the schools in terms of school fees and making sure everything is running smoothly.
  • MARKETINGWe write news letters about the school’s activity to ensure the community involvement which we keep up on a monthly basis. If you have good writing skills, this would also help us out. 


If you are interested in volunteering, please see our Volunteer Package page. If you would like to contribute to this project but you are unable to make it over to Malawi, please see our Make A Donation page.

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