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One of our main aims is to encourage volunteers to stay long term and with that idea in mind, we do expect you to commit for a minimum of at least one month. If you would like to stay for less than a month, we can sort out a suitable package for you. Everyone must pay for their first month of volunteering through the package as this will give you the best chance to settle into Malawi and mix with the other volunteers. During this time you will be able to immerse yourself into the many projects and really get stuck into the areas you are interested in through the orientation on the projects held by Alice & Josie. Sitting around the kitchen table during breakfast or at our nightly set evening meal is a great socialising aspect of Butterfly Space where many stories of people’s travels have been told. Please note there is also free tap water which is safe to use throughout your stay at Butterfly Space.

There is a charge to use our Internet Centre which has been set up to keep the Centre running for the community to use free of charge. The costs are a reasonable 6500 Kwacha for unlimited usage for a month or if you would like to stay a shorter time the cost will be 4500 Kwacha for unlimited usage for two weeks.

The Volunteer Package has been set up to make sure you get the most out of your experience here at Butterfly. All of our projects are non-profit and the package has been designed to solely pay for your accommodation and food during your stay here. We have not put a volunteering fee on top of the package or any other additional costs that are simply not needed for your stay at Butterfly Space. We are aware that many volunteers are travelling on a budget and therefore we have set up this package accordingly.

The Volunteer Package: US$470 per person for the whole month includes:

• Dormitory Accommodation*
• Breakfast or lunch meal up to 1500 Kwacha
• Set evening meal
• Laundry and cleaning facilities
• Orientation on projects and Nkhata Bay

*If people wish to stay in an individual chalet rather than the dormitory then an upgrade can be arranged for an extra $150 per room.

Once the month has finished, we will be able to give longer term discounts of half price accommodation or point you in the right direction if you would like to branch out to do something different. Alice and Josie have lived in NKhata Bay for over 7 years and have had a lot of experience with local organizations as and are always happy to assist you should you wish to get more involved with other community projects.

All volunteers will be expected to pay for their travel to and from Malawi. A typical return ticket from London to Lilongwe costs around US$900, depending upon the season. The best airlines to fly with are Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airways, KLM and Air France which each have only one stop (there are currently no direct flights to Malawi).

To get here from Lilongwe, you can take a bus which will take around 5 hours to the nearest city of Mzuzu. We then advise you to take a shared taxi from Mzuzu which will take an hour to Nkhata Bay. Prices for the journeys are very cheap which will cost you a total of around 5000 Kwacha per person.

For more information on how to get to Butterfly Space, please see our How To Get Here section.

Butterfly is immersing itself to linking up with more volunteer organisations to increase awareness for the many projects they are involved in. Obviously Butterfly would like to only advertise on the sites that do not make additional charges to the volunteer. Unfortunately there are few and far between, meaning there may well be a small nominal administration fee. This is sometimes unavoidable, and Butterfly formerly apologises for any inconvenience caused. Signing up in our Get Involved section will eliminate any additional costs. Once we have received your email, we will send you all the information you will need including travel and medical advice about Malawi. If you would also like to volunteer for a shorter amount of time please also do not hesitate to contact us so we can sort out arrangements for you.

Thank you for showing interest in Butterfly Space, we hope to see you soon for an exciting and fulfilling experience which lies ahead!

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